Monday, June 4, 2012

Porter Avenue Bistro

May 22, 2012
Porter Avenue Bistro
Ocean Springs, MS

So, for Girls Night Out this week we picked the Porter Avenue Bistro! If you haven't been to this one yet you really need to seek it out - it's fantastic!

There was a small crowd, but we were seated immediately!  It took a while to get my drink order, but after that the waitress was prompt with our meal and re-fills. The atmosphere was very relaxing and comfortable.

I decided to have the Soft-Shelled Crabs appetizer, the note said "share two" ... but let me tell you when they arrived at the table these were absolutely HUGE! We each only ate a half of one and they were divinely delicious and cooked perfectly; I definitely want to have these again and again YUM!

I also ordered the Crunchy Gumbo (I've been trying to find some place that makes their gumbo the way we use to be able to get it at any restaurant on the Point in Biloxi) - the flavor was wonderful and it was as good as 'Point" gumbo.  And to make it even better the three jumbo shrimp on top were excellent.

I decided to have the Shrimp and Grits for my entree'.  The flavor was phenomenal but I was very disappointed with the 'grits' part of this item - they were more of a cornbread ball in the middle of the plate.  The unforgivable part was that the bottom of the grits/cornbread was burnt (ugh).

Vicky settled on the Ole Frenchie which is the roast beef Po-boy, pressed the way we like them!  This Po-boy was fabulous, it just tasted great!  Heidi had the burger fixed the Dixie way,, which had onion string on top. She just loved this burger.

This was one great meal for us on Girls Night Out and we are all going back with our significant others for another meal here!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Shaggy's Harbor Bar & Grill

May 13, 2012
Shaggy's Harbor Bar & Grill
Biloxi, MS

So, it was just me and Vicky for Girls Night Out this week ...and you guessed it- we were back at Shaggy's (LOL).  We are just in love with the location, outside dining and southern atmosphere at this place! 

All I can say this time about the service is WOW!  There was a small crowd, but we were seated immediately and our waitress was prompt and attentive!  That was amazing in and of itself, made me wonder (and thankful for) whatever had brought about this pleasant event. ^_^

I settled on the Seafood Pasta because it was one dish that I have not tried here yet.  Vicky decided to have the Swordfish. Well, that was a great choice - Vicky said that it was excellent!  We were both in love with the divine mashed seems that they add some seafood seasoning to them to get that most excellent flavor (YUM).

Hmmm...about my Seafood Pasta...let's just say UGH.  There was absolutely no flavor and you can check out the picture to see that it was swimming in oil (?) our thoughts were that they didn't strain the noodles well OR they actually rinsed the noodles.  Well at this point our waitress brought over the new GM - John and let me tell you, he made it right.  He took the plate back to the kitchen and in no time at all I had another Seafood Pasta in front of me and complimentary Charbroiled Oysters (which you all know is one of my favorites here!).  This time ALL the flavor was there and the pasta was delicious...I ate every bite!

So glad that Shaggy's seems to finally be in capable hands - KUDOS John and your assistant manager Stacy! You guys are definitely going to have people talking "good stuff" about your restaurant. ^_^

Yuki's Japanese Restaurant

May 13, 2012
Yuki's Japanese Restaurant
Biloxi, MS

Yuki's is a long-time, well-established Japanese Restaurant on Pass Road in Biloxi.  This was always one of my favorites to take my children too.  It was busy, it was Mother's Day, but we were seated at the Hibachi Grill quickly and the waitress immediately took our drink order.  Let's just say that it took a lot longer after that to get the Sweet Tea refilled and to finally get to place our order.

Of course I had to have the Mother's Day Special: Steak, Chicken, Shrimp, Lobster, & Scallop Hibachi but my daughter went with the Sushi.

The Egg Drop Soup came up and it was pleasant enough and the portion was large enough that I shared half with my daughter.  The service by now had slowed to a crawl and we had to ask another waiter to find our waitress.

Our chef came out to prepare the Hibachi orders and my daughter finally received her sushi plate.  She absolutely loved every bit of it and found the items very flavorful.  Now, I am one of those people who generally doesn't like sushi (and yes I have tried it) .. but I had never tried the cruchy crab wraps so I figured let's give it a go!  Well, I did like it, very delicate and dulcet - so I found something that I liked on the sushi plate (YAY)!

I finally got to dig into my plate and was a just a bit disappointed ... the flavor was indeed there but the steak, chicken, shrimp,lobster and scallops had been over cooked they were tough. I had very high expectations because I have been to Yuki's many (many) times and had never been let down, but this time I was.

So over all it was a good meal, but not the excellent meal that I have grown to expect from Yuki's ... but you know that I will be back, maybe it was just an off day because of the large lunch crowd. Time will tell us the truth ^_^

Friday, May 11, 2012

Tom's Extreme Pizzeria

May 8, 2012
Tom's Extreme Pizzeria
Ocean Springs, MS

Tom's is a small place on Robinson Rd. in Ocean Springs - for those of us from this area that would translate into 'it is right across the street from the old Depot'.  There were a few people in here; even on a Tuesday afternoon.  We were told to just have a seat anywhere we liked.  The waitresses were very pleasant and chipper - that is always is a good sign right ;-)

It was my turn to pay-up for the appetizers and the Crabmeat Stuffed Toast sounded like it would be a good place to start; so that's what I ordered for us.  These were really exceptional good!  All three of us liked this and the marinara sauce was awesome.  If you get a chance go by and try this for sure!

Vicky decided that she wanted to have the Philly Cheese Steak Pizza.  She said that this pizza had absolutely no flavor...she suggested that maybe if they switched to provolone cheese and added some more seasoning to the meat that it might be better.  The crust was a little overcooked, so let's just say that Tom's is not high on her recommend list.

I ordered a half-and-half pizza half Big Texas which basically means that it comes with everything including the kitchen sink (lol) and the other half was the Ole Biloxi, which is shrimp and cheese.   I also thought that the crust was overcooked but I really liked the Big Texas because of all the peppers - banana peppers, red peppers, green peppers and ohhh that wonderful assortment of meats on it YUM.  Now the Ole Biloxi half was okay but something wasn't quite right with the flavors and I really didn't like that they didn't de-vein the shrimp - this was one of those things that make you go hmmmmm.

Heidi had a half Big Texas and half Pepperoni & Mushroom...all she would tell me is that hers was pretty good and that she really enjoyed it.  We really need to work on her adjectives next week ;-)

We did really enjoy ourselves here though and I think it was the waitresses - they were so friendly and just made you relax.  We will give Tom's another chance because it seemed to be hit-and-miss but it deserves another chance because of the awesome customer service!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Government Street Grocery

May 1, 2012
Government St. Grocery
Ocean Springs, MS

This was a quaint place tucked onto the roadside in Ocean Springs! There was no crowd, so we chose a table outside, I didn't care too much for the view of the wall (a sound barrier for the road) or the view of the parking lot - definitely something that should be addressed.  However, our waiter was prompt, attentive, pleasant and very hospitable!

We all decided to order appetizers and we settled on the fried pickles and the fries & gravy.  These were phenomenal!  The gravy was the best that I have had anywhere yet and I even enjoyed the fried pickles - and I don't even like dill pickles!  Definitely four starfishes on these!

I decided on the Roast Beef and Gravy Po-Boy, you all know that I have been searching for a decent one since I moved back last year...well I have found myself a great roast beef po-boy (I will definitely be picking up more of these from here when I get my cravings)!  The gravy was fabulous, I wanted to pick up the bowl and drink it but Heidi made me share it with her for the fries that came with her burger! ;-)

Vicky had the Roma. She really likes eggplant, but it's hard to find a place that can cook it just right.  Well, she was blown away by this sandwich!  She said that the flavor was fantastic, it was cooked perfectly and the bread was just awesome.

Heidi decided to have the Grocery Burger. Well now, this burger has won awards for being the best in town and it definitely is a great choice!  This burger is "photo-ready" when it gets to the table.  Heidi said that it was one of the best burgers that she has ever had!  Way to go!

Jenny also had the Grocery Burger and she said that it was a superb burger with great flavor!

Yes, we can't believe that we ate it all, but we did and our tummies told us so!  We will DEFINITELY be making return trips to this place ... the food is just too good! ^-^

The Fillin' Station

April 24, 2012
The Fillin' Station
Biloxi, MS

This is in a good location, just off Highway 90 in Biloxi...if you sit outside you can see the harbor and the casino without all the traffic noise!  Not many people here, but it was Tuesday afternoon. Our server showed up promptly at our table when we arrived.  She was pleasant, friendly and smiling - this is always a good thing!

I ordered the Fried Crawfish Po-Boy, I have never had one.  I have had fried crawfish before so I decided let's give it a whirl, right!? !  Well, things that make you go "hmmmm...", there was a flavor that I just couldn't figure out???  This was not a good thing, the crawfish were cooked well, not at all rubbery, but that flavor just threw the whole sandwich off.  I didn't finish it and I didn't take home the left-over, this was better just left.  The fries were interesting, they were huge and the flavor was great, but some were meaty and others were just fried skins...ugh.

Vicky decided on the Main Street Burger with Cheese. Well guys, here's what she had to say about that one:  "a little disappointed with the cheeseburger, more greasy than what I am used to but tasty...the fries where good...Mic Ultra was great!!!!

Jenny joined us this time (WELCOME)!  She had the Facaccia Club Sandwich.  She says that this sandwich was good and had a great flavor, but was really too greasy.

We did really enjoy sitting outside and being able to talk and enjoy the company.  So, this is definitely a place that we would come back too and have drinks and maybe just appetizers.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Manhatten Grill

April 17, 2012
Manhattan Grill
Ocean Springs, MS

The wonderful aroma of the food hit us as soon as we walked in!  There was no crowd, we were seated immediately and our waiter was prompt, attentive and very gregarious!

I ordered the Fried Crab Claws for an appetizer; Heidi and Vicky helped me get rid of those quick!  It was a very large serving, the claws were HUGE, and tasted delicious.  I had the Shrimp and Grits and all I can say is >OH MY FREAKIN GOSH..they were amazing! The shrimp's spicy flavor was off the chart fabulous and these were "the best grits I have ever had"!!!

Vicky had the Crab Cakes. They were scrumptious and loaded with crab meat (not bread)!

Heidi decided to have the Firecracker Shrimp. Well, that was a great choice - the shrimp came in their own little "boat" - a potato boat!  I could have drank the sauce on this dish straight up in a glass! 

Now you have to try the desserts here. The Lemon Cake was really good but I think that it was so light that it was like not there.  However, the Caramel Cake is to die-for!  The sweet/salty combination is just too good. You've heard the saying before "it's better than sex", well this dessert will make you tingle for sure!

Great food, great service, but be ready to pay for it this place is spendy!